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Notes on Net Prophet

Making business sense of the internet”, Net Prophet 2013 left conference goers in Cape Town this week with some stellar advice on how to do just that and more.

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Seven ordinary things that can lead to one extraordinary result

Triggerfish Animation Studions CEO Stuart Forrest shares seven business tips they taught you in kindergarten.

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The Voiceless Campaign for The Zimbabwean
Just under a year ago I featured the wonderful ad campaign for The Zimbabwean by TBWA Hunt Lascaris Johannesburg, a campaign that highlighted the worth of the Zimbabwean dollar bill by using it to create actual billboards, posters and other outdoor advertising, as a meme representative of Zimbabwe’s plummeting socio-economic circumstances. This year, the same agency has been asked to create another campaign for the newspaper, and once again, they have done themselves, The Zimbabwean and the country’s people proud.

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I recently heard about the Pan African Space Station from the guy working in Cape Town’s raddest little record store, Mabu Vinyl. He was playing some wacky ‘70s electric jazz by the American jazz legend Chick Corea (look him up), which got me stuck in the store and chatting to this guy as he was mixing. The ‘guy’ in question turned out to be one of Pan African Space Station’s DJs, and none other than the notorious DJ Mighty (above and below). Already sold on his music taste, I had to follow it up and find out more, and this is what it’s all about.

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