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I am because we are: Madiba mural by Ricky Lee Gordon

Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu. This is the ethos of the ubuntu philosophy, which translates as ‘a person is a person through other people’. It is this mantra that both guided the life of Nelson Mandela and inspired the tribute painting to this giant of a man by Ricky Lee Gordon.

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Free Mandela

Prolific Cape Town street artist and activist Faith47 is contesting the City of Cape Town’s by-laws against graffiti and street art, on the grounds that much of the work in and around Cape Town is tantamount to public heritage. The “Free Mandela!” slogan is a pertinent example – once found on a wall in Anzio Road in Observatory (you can still see it here in Google maps), but recently painted over by the City. Painted during Apartheid, the words are a simple yet powerful reminder of our country’s history and the atrocities committed at the time.

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The Voiceless Campaign for The Zimbabwean
Just under a year ago I featured the wonderful ad campaign for The Zimbabwean by TBWA Hunt Lascaris Johannesburg, a campaign that highlighted the worth of the Zimbabwean dollar bill by using it to create actual billboards, posters and other outdoor advertising, as a meme representative of Zimbabwe’s plummeting socio-economic circumstances. This year, the same agency has been asked to create another campaign for the newspaper, and once again, they have done themselves, The Zimbabwean and the country’s people proud.

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Public Perception is a poster-art exhibition currently showing at Resolution Gallery in Parktown, Johannesburg by South African artist Andrew Robertson.

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With white supremacist Eugene Terre Blanche’s recent murder and Malema’s boer-killing anthem being the talk of the town, Cape Town punk rockers Half Price live up to their name of not keeping quiet about anything. “I believe Eugene Terre Blanche and Julius Malema are one of a kind, they are both stupid, fascist, racist assholes,” they said. Cheers to that. Here’s the rest of what Half Price have to add to current local politics.

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