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The many uses of social media

The value of social media is shifting far beyond PR and marketing – and that’s good news for creative enterprises, says Nadia Mannell of Meltwater Group.

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Side projects are the new CVs

The working world is ever changing, more so now than ever before. When it comes to what you do, people are often more interested in what your portfolio is than what your position is. A vast number of jobs today didn’t even exist ten years ago, and with the job market changing so rapidly it’s challenging to keep up with all the new skills and job descriptions that have the highest demand.

Embarking on a side project, says Dave Duarte, may be the answer.

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Rob Stokes: From bedroom to buyout – an entrepreneur’s story

In May 2014 I attended the annual Net Prophet conference in Cape Town. Rob Stokes from Quirk was one of the best speakers. Here’s an overview of his talk entitled “From bedroom to buyout – an entrepreneur’s story”.

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Anotherlightup: street art and crowdfunding initiative

The Harvest mural seen from De Waal Drive. Photo © @makhulu_.

Since late 2013 I’ve been working on a pretty innovative project called #ANOTHERLIGHTUP, as project manager on behalf of Design Indaba and in collaboration with artist Faith47 and designer consultancy Thingking. #ANOTHERLIGHTUP is an exploration into how street art can leverage the power of crowd-funding to activate the public into helping create measurable change in their community. Basically we’re using street art and Twitter as a medium to raise funds for streetlights in a low-income community in Khayelitsha.

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The future is now: Design and technology trends for 2014

Daan Roosegaarde’s Intimacy 2.0 dress

In September 2013 COSMO briefed me to write a story on design and technology trends for 2014, for their December 2013 edition.

Here’s my writeup on some of the key characteristics of design trends emerging in everyday technology.

It’s wearable

A major trend in personal electronics is wearable technology. Google Glass was the biggest headline in 2013: a hands-free computer with optical head-mounted display (OHMD) that allows you to connect to the web, take photos, record video, play games, make phone calls and more, using voice commands and a touch screen on the side of the head set. In 2014…

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Notes on Net Prophet

Making business sense of the internet”, Net Prophet 2013 left conference goers in Cape Town this week with some stellar advice on how to do just that and more.

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